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Why affiliate marketing ?

Why affiliate marketing ?

Simplistically affiliate marketing is where you as an affiliate marketer promote a service provider or distributors services or products to the public. When somebody clicks in your link and is directed to the merchant’s web site and buys from them, you get a fee on the sale.

From an affiliate entrepreneurs perspective there are numerous advantages, no managing of products or inventory, no dealing with prospects and invoices and no duty towards making the sale apart from directing the possible buyer in the proper direction.

To do so; you need professional webhosting and a domain name for a professional image of your online business.

Affiliate marketing has been a long-standing monetization strategy on the web. Infact it is a multi-million dollar business.

But can publishers and business owners still find revenue success with it in 2017?
Affiliate marketing as a general industry has seen consistent growth over the last five years. Expectations according to a study done by Forrester for Rakuten Linkshare shows us that the affiliate marketing business will grow from now till 2019 with approximately 17%.
The affiliate channel attracts consumers who spend more than the average online shopper and are profitable for advertisers.
It helps trigger brand reconsideration and often closes the sale for online shoppers.
Promotions in the affiliate channel have a positive impact on an advertiser's brand reputation and loyalty.One thing is for sure: Affiliate marketing is still a viable business model.

Wanna be part of this multi-million dollar industry right now (and likely to grow.) ?

Join and learn the ropes of affiliate marketing now.

Yep it's free, only charge you a low annual fee to maintain your account and free web hosting that comes with your membership.

To Your Health,Wealth,Prosperity and Success,


Luc Dermul

CEO COMLife - Circles of Online Marketers

Circles of Online Marketers is hiring Independent Account Managers(IAM’s)!


What is Circles of Online Marketers (in short C.O.M.)?

A community of affiliate marketers that strives for continuous growth of our business partners to become a strategic and successful entrepreneur online.

Free to join ; we only charge an annual  administration fee of  € 10 to maintain your account and the free web hosting that comes with your membership.

Our motto : Internet Marketing A Helping Business!

What C.O.M. is looking for?

For each country we seek only one IAM. (except Belgium as that is already taken) You need to be a resident of that country.

You are already active in affiliate marketing for at least a year.(part time or full time)

You can write and speak in English and your native language.

As an IAM you will bring in members; no matter what country they are from as C.O.M.  works worldwide.

You will moderate and be active in the forum.(your country section)

What will you get as IAM?

Full membership with all benefits at no cost.

For each person that joins C.O.M. for free and pays his/hers annual fee through your affiliate link you get 50% commission.

BONUS 1 = 100 new members/month through your affiliate link = 10% extra commission on total.

BONUS 2 = 500 new members/quarter = 5% extra commission on total

SUPER BONUS = PROFIT SHARE  = C.O.M. has 20% shares which  will be given to the top 5 IAM’s (each will get 4%)

This is a one time bonus that can be earned after a year of working with C.O.M. (First come first serve basis)

Recurring income

For each person (that joined through your affiliate link) that renews his annual membership by paying his administration fee you will get 50% commission (will not count for bonuses)

Extra income…

Forum moderation = € 10 a month

Writing for blog =  € 10 per article

Create/update lessons = € 10 per lesson

And much more…


C.O.M. pays out weekly (threshold of € 50)

What will it cost you?

Nothing! Only the time and effort you put in to make this a success.

Are you the long lasting partner that C.O.M. is looking for?

Click the button below and fill in the form to start hiring process

(The selected ones will get a contract)










Luc Dermul

CEO COMLife - Circles of Online Marketers

Is free web hosting really free ?

With the economy the way it is right now, new online entrepreneurs are looking for ways to save money in their startup costs. Everyone seems to be looking for free web hosting but they really don’t understand the cost to their business by doing this.

When you use free web hosting, your URL (the web link for you website) will look something like this:

In the example above is the company providing the free hosting.

If this is a business blog or website, it doesn’t give the appearance that you are serious about your business.

For a more professional image of your business, it would be prudent of you to invest in a domain name and some professional hosting.

At some point your website/blog will outgrow the features offered by free web hosting providers.

If you move from free web hosting to your own domain with paid web hosting you don’t have the capability to upload a .htaccess file to redirect the search engines and visitors to your new web hosting space. To let the search engines know you have moved you use instructions in the .htaccess file to 301 permanently redirect them to your new location.

Also, you cannot use a .htaccess instruction to permanently redirect your visitors and search engines when you delete a page within your site.

After years of building your website/blog on free webhosting, your efforts will be lost and you will have to start over, from scratch.

Another problem with free web hosting is that you will not be able to use custom error pages. Error pages are used by the web server to show the visitor there has been an error. For example, a 404 error is shown when a page is not found within the webspace. On a free web hosting space the visitor will be shown the web hosting company’s stock error page and give no direction as to how to find what it was they were looking for. A confused visitor will just leave.

With the right paid web hosting account, you can provide a custom error page for each type of error. This gives the visitor comfort that they are not lost (especially if they are a novice web surfer) when the error page is formatted to match your site and provides help on how what happened and how to find what it is they are looking for.

When using a free web hosting service there is no guarantee that they will stick around. A some point, even large providers of free hosting decide to pack it in.

Case in point: Yahoo! has decided to close their 360 service on July 13, 2009. They have also decided to close GeoCities free web hosting service.

Ok, paid web hosting companies don’t last forever either but, if you have a web hosting account where you are able to download your whole site, then you are covered. You have a backup of your site that you can upload to a new hosting company and get back up and running quickly. You should backup your website each time you make a change anyways.

Free web hosting accounts have limits on what you can and cannot do. You are limited to the features provided by the service.

Some paid web hosting accounts have limits too. If you create a checklist before signing up for the account then you will be aware of the limits of the plan. These limitations are generally less confining that those at free web hosting service providers.

Last but not least....a fair warning of Google :

"…If a free hosting service begins to show patterns of spam, we make a strong effort to be granular and tackle only spammy pages or sites. However, in some cases, when the spammers have pretty much taken over the free web hosting service or a large fraction of the service, we may be forced to take more decisive steps to protect our users and remove the entire free web hosting service from our search results…." Read more

I could go on and on ...but these few reasons I gave should already ring a bell with you.

At C.O.M. we offer web hosting for the serious online entrepreneur. Take a look at it here.









Luc Dermul

Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer For Free

Of all the ways to make money at home and online, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest to start.

  1. Have a website/blog

While most successful affiliate marketers have a website or blog, you don't actually need one (although I'd recommend it)

  1. Choose a niche

Focus on niches when finding and promoting a product. If you already have a website or blog, that can be your niche.

  1. Research potential affiliate products and services

Those that fit in your niche or with your website.Don't simply choose a program for profit potential. Check out the program to insure it's quality and that it has a good reputation for taking care of its customers as well as its affiliates.

  1. Determine how you'll promote the affiliate products.

As mentioned, the easiest way is through a website or blog. Other successful affiliate marketers set up a squeeze page designed to build an email list, and then promote affiliate products to subscribers. Of course, you're list should provide other non-sales information as people don't want to be sold all the time.

  1. Sharing

Begin sharing your website, blog, squeeze page or affiliate links (f.e. social media)

  1. Because you're making money from home...

You need to look into making your business legal by checking out the business licensing and business laws in your area.

7.Learn internet marketing while on the go.

Circles of Online Marketers is a free platform for those that want to learn affiliate marketing. (you only pay a low annual administration fee to maintain your account and free web hosting that comes with your membership)

  1. To conclusion

There are "gurus" and programs that suggest affiliate marketing is a set-it-and-forget-it system to turn the Internet into a cash machine. While affiliate marketing can be done part-time, it's not automatic. It requires research and a plan. You have to know and understand your target market, and continue to do things to reach them so they can click on your affiliate links.










Myth : Affiliate marketing is a quick moneymaking system.

Affiliate marketing is a lot of work, and in most situations there's a lot of competition so you're not going to be bringing in money immediately. Thinking that all you need do is setup a site and choose a product related to your websites topic (niche) to affiliate with and then just let it run its course….then you’re wrong!
The affiliate marketing business relies on fostering relationships.
You foster these relationships by:
Updating your content regularly to keep things new and fresh.
Getting traffic to your website and monetizing it.
Building a list by offering something valuable to your website visitors in return for their email address in order for you to build a list of subscribers that are potential buyers.
Desire: Do the products or services you are considering promoting really stand out? Will they convert visitors into sales? Would you purchase it yourself? If you answer no to either of these questions it might not be a product for you.
Enjoy it! Affiliate marketing should be enjoyable and you have the flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and on whatever niche you want.
To conclusion:
This is not a get rich quick scheme. You shouldn't expect to put up a website tonight and wake up in the morning with your first cheque; affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and does involve work.
I've seen affiliates from all walks of life, based all around the world and with completely different skill sets, but the one thing they all have in common is, dedication to their sites.
Want to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing ? Join Circles of Online Marketers for free ( yep really is, only charge you an annual administration fee of € 10 to maintain your account and your free web hosting that comes with your membership)









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Tired Of Searching The Internet Trying To find Out How to Make Money…

A few years ago I decided to try to make some money online....but hey how do you start an online business?

Well , typing in that search bar "how to make money online" of my favorite search engine Google gave me ALOT of pages to look at ...

Ok, started to visit those pages find one program and then another, claiming that I would be able to make money in a flash by socalled “moneymaking gurus”....
I got out my credit card and joined. It’s only a few $ after all…. till you realize it all adds up and it only reduces what you have in your pocket.

Hoping to receive the information you’ve been waiting for and get hit with that sinking feeling once again, a lighter pocket and still not nearer to making a living!

Figuring out how to earn that elusive online income can be very difficult, especially at first. You know it can be done, millions of people are doing it, it must be your turn, right?

Those people must be making money with these programs right? You are right, it is your turn but in general the only people making real money with those programs are the people behind them who are happily sitting there letting you empty your pockets.

Constantly chasing the money will get you nowhere and will leave you feeling frustrated, angry and at times even downright stupid.

Well I did learn something from all this though: that there DOES NOT exist a "Get Rich Quick Formula"!

And all those that are proclaiming there is ...DON'T BELIEVE IT ; it is SCAM.

Recently I started a membership site for those that want to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. It is called Circles of Online Marketers.

This membership site covers everything a beginner or someone struggling online would need to get started with affiliate marketing.

It's free to join; only charge you a low annual fee to maintain your free account and web hosting (yep, also free) that comes with your membership.

See you inside 🙂




Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2017

Affiliate marketing will become more mainstream, which is both a blessing and a curse. Consumers will be more aware of how it is used to monetize content, and they will accept it as legitimate.

Merchants will place emphasis on growing beyond dependence on coupon and cashback/loyalty affiliates to drive incremental sales. Merchants who commit to identifying these partners and providing them with the tools they need will prosper in 2017 and beyond.

Influencer marketing will thrive in this multi-billion dollar industry right now and likely to grow. As advertisers make efforts to build these relationships, a critical component will be a network’s ability to create tools that make it easy for influencers to create beautiful product showcases for brands.

As brands prioritize the building of dedicated mobile apps, publishers can encourage app downloads and in-app purchases. Having tracking in place to capture these conversions will be critical when analyzing mobile app performance.

And some things will remain constant — and that is, the strength of coupons, deals, cash back and loyalty.

Affiliate marketers are experts in creating compelling content around a retailer’s brand. Those retailers that understand the wide reaching, cost-effective impact affiliate marketers can demonstrate with their content will capture even greater success from affiliate marketing.

We will also see more merchants expanding their networks on a global scale. We’ve already begun to see the effect of globalization on affiliate marketing. More than 20% of the traffic is “out of locale” meaning the content creation and the audience hail from different geographies.

Wanna be part of this multi-billion dollar industry right now (and likely to grow.) ?

Join and learn the ropes of affiliate marketing now.

Yep it's free, only charge you an annual fee to maintain your account and free webhosting that comes with your membership.

To Your Health,Wealth,Prosperity and Success,


Luc Dermul

CEO COMLife - Circles of Online Marketers

Free Autoresponders Versus Paid Autoresponders

autorespondersAs a new internet marketer and usually on a very tight budget (and even not sure in what to invest first) then getting something for free is not only tempting but something you even love...

But is a free autoresponder really what you need for your business? These products are free for a reason, and they may not offer you the benefits you really want. While they're better than nothing, you might actually find out that they cost you money in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to make the small investment in a paid autoresponder instead of making use of free programs.

- Limited number of autoresponders or campaign you can set up. Limited number of follow-up emails your can send out.

- They are not supported by the authors:many of these autoresponders are sold by resellers or persons with private label rights. So they don't come with backend support. Many posts in many forums prove that free autoresponders comes with poor support.

- Advertisements in the outgoing email messages:They add their own advertising at the top of your email, thereby distracting your subscribers with random adds not even related with what you are offering.Not professional ... right?

- It's common to send emails in HTML, because this allows you emphasize words, add pictures, and do a lot more with your message. People usually sign up because you have a good product and an attractive ad. However, if your emails aren't as attractive, they may be put off. Since most free autoresponders are text format only, you may find that messages you send with them are boring and don't do the job.

- Last but not least: They send you lots of email you don’t want. This of course is part of the terms and conditions for using their free service.

Autoresponders are online marketer’s secret weapon. Once traffic begins to arrive at your website (which is a very exciting moment) you will need to capture your visitors details (ie their name and address). This is where your autoresponder comes in.

An autoresponder has many useful functions:

- Allows the easy creation of an ‘opt in’ form on your website

- Collects email addresses of visitors to your website

- Sends automatic messages to your subscribers

The importance of an autoresponder cannot be underestimated. It takes on average 7 messages before a purchase is made.

An autoresponder is very important therefore because it allows you to build a relationship with your list.

Using an autoresponder is basically ‘permission’ marketing. People will give you their permission to receive emails from you and in return you will offer something of value (free report/ebook/tips/advice/problem solving articles/products etc)

In short : You will need to use a professional autoresponder service. If you want to build a list – this is a must have. Your list will be the life blood of your business – treat it well and respect it.

For my marketing automation I use the following autoresponder and recommend to you:




Luc Dermul

CEO COMLife - Circles of Online Marketers






Embrace the Unsubscribe!



Embrace the Unsubscribe!



Are you mad I hear you asking...

Another unsubscribe from my mailing list and you want me to cheerfully and gladly "Embrace the Unsubscribe" Why?

Why this is so:

Not everyone on your mailing list will journey with you!

Growing your business is like a bus journey, there are many stops where some people get off, and some people get on, some last the whole journey, some not, and that is OKAY!

So, recognise this might be the stop they get off at, let them go, wish them all the best and focus your time and resources on those people still on your mailing list who want to continue the journey with you.

Perhaps you sent an e-mail that rocked their world, brought some challenge, made them feel uncomfortable and they hit that Unsubscribe button.

Chill, that's life!

You continue to focus on your business development, wish them all the best and continue your journey. There are other people on your mailing list who want to go further with you - focus on their needs.

People tend to want BIG mailing lists and think the more emails they pump out and bombard people with that somehow, through submission or surrender, people are going to engage and buy! Well, it doesn't and shouldn't happen that way!

If your marketing is aimed and focussed on the right people, what we call target markets, then it will make a connection and people will respond. That's the joy and trials of marketing - finding the right people to make that connection with, experimenting with different styles, messages and pictures, till you find that spot that makes that connection.

The person who just unsubscribed may no longer be in your target market, or perhaps they never were in the first place, but in any case, they need to get off at this stop and change buses, and hopefully catch the next connection that gets them to their destination.

So, let them go, wish them well and stay focussed on growing your business.

So, the next time someone hits that Unsubscribe Button and you receive the notification, perhaps just say "Thanks for the Journey" and recognise that for whatever reason, they have decided to get off at this stop in the journey.

Remember that you still have passengers on your bus that are looking to you to get them to their destination.

You don't want people that don't engage with your marketing efforts ,it only takes up time and resources in being "managed".

Focus your time and efforts on those people who wish to journey with you and learn to Embrace The Unsubscribe!

PS - If you didn't like this published post and its your stop, then I won`t be offended and just want to wish you all the best!

For my marketing automation I use and recommend :





Luc Dermul

CEO Circles of Online Marketers

Help!! My mailbox is filled with C.R.A.P.!




Are you also that person that suffers from an overfull mailbox filled with C.R.A.P.?



First let me explain what I mean with C.R.A.P. :

C = Click magic buttons

Now if you believe in fairy tales then you might fall for this...if this ever would work by clicking a button your money start rolling in ...then why is not everyone doing it? Why are they trying so hard to get you signed up and get money out of your pockets?

R = Ready made systems by so-called "Internet Marketing Guru's"

You really need to sign up with me! My system is the only one that will make you money in no time! Let me show you my clickback account ....I made thousands of dollars while I was is your turn! No need to tell you that the only one making money is him/her because you spend your hard earned money on a system that simply does not work. Something you will figure out but to late ...

A = ATM-machine formulae

Ever got redirected to a page which shows you an ATM-machine where the dollars fly around your screen? The moment you sign up you instantly start earning money....yeah right mean those people who set up that lucrative "business" will fill their pockets...NOT you!

P = Promises made via enticing videos

Don't get me wrong; promoting your business via videos is common use and a valuable way to earn money. But what I am referring to are those videos where the so-called "Guru's" show you their big mansion , their fancy car, their boat and/or airplane telling you this can be all yours too if you sign up today. What are you waiting for ?! And to convince you even more they let "members" (who are actually hired actors!) tell you their success story.

Few years ago I joined the wild wild web of internet marketing myself...and yes while searching felt victim of this C.R.A.P. too. Luckily I was smart enough not to sign up on any of them...I guess being sceptical of nature has his benefits too. 😀

But it did consume a lot of time...time I could spend more useful. These mails only distracted me from my real focus : making my business a success.

The truth is dear reader that earning money with an online business takes a lot of time and work before you even receive your first earnings. Usually shortcuts aren't shortcuts...something to think about.

"The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work" - Vince Lombardi

Now take action and unsubscribe from all those C.R.A.P. mailing lists!








Luc Dermul

CEO COMLife - Circles of Online Marketers