Should I have a Facebook group or not for my business?

facebook groupIf you are looking for new ways to network then using a Facebook group is another way to build your business.

Havin a Facebook group offers a proven way to form lasting, productive connections that generate leads.

Facebook groups are a great way to build community and demonstrate your authority in real time.

In fact, there are over a billion groups on Facebook.

So should you create a group of your own?

I think so.

It will take about 5 minutes, and could add another layer of engagement to your business.

Facebook is supposed to keep you connected with the people who are important to you. The News Feed isn't great at it, though.

Facebook will never show you everything. In fact, you may only see a small fraction of the posts that people share. You might see everything from one or two friends, but you're bound to miss some stuff.

Groups don't work this way. The order of posts tends to be based on activity, but if you scroll enough, you'll see everything. Nothing is hidden unless someone blocks you.

By posting within a group, anyone who goes to that group page will see all posts from everyone. In general, groups allow you better control over sharing just with the people you want to interact with, rather than the ones Facebook thinks you should interact with.

To build a solid reputation and real relationships, your goal should not be to sell or promote, but to be helpful. Focus on being of service by asking and answering questions and engaging with other group members.

In the long run these activities result in relationships and connections that turn into sales, referrals and partnerships for your business.

Feel free to join Circles of Online Marketers Facebook group. I recently opened a new group for those that are interested in affiliate marketing.










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