Google Ranking Factors 2018 – Part 2 Importance Of Traffic

website trafficHello again,

In my previous post about Google ranking factors I told you the importance of being ranked by the major search engines and what you have to take in account to get traffic to your website.

What if someone visit your website (in other words getting traffic) , how does Google "reward" you (your website) in his rankings ?

It’s confirmed that Google uses data from Google Chrome to determine how many people visit site (and how often). Sites with lots of direct traffic are likely higher quality sites vs. sites that get very little direct traffic.

Sites with repeat visitors may get a Google ranking boost.

We know that Google collects Chrome browser usage data.

If your pages get bookmarked in Chrome that might get a boost in the search results.

Pages with lots of comments may be a signal of user-interaction and quality.

How long people spend on your page when coming from a Google search is something Google pays very close attention to. This is also sometimes referred to as “long clicks vs short clicks”. In short: the longer time spent, the better.

Pages that get clicked in organic CTR for a certain keyword may get a SERP boost for that particular keyword.

On the other hand; pages with a high bounce rate probably aren’t a great result for that keyword.

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