Terms of Use

As a member of Circles of Online Marketers (further named as C.O.M.) you need to abide by these rules stated below :

1. This is a membership site and by paying my annual administration fee I have access to the Inner Circle. By not paying my recurring annual administration fee I am aware that my membership ends immediately.

2. I have to be at least 18 year of age.

3. By joining C.O.M. I get a personal account which I am not allowed to share with others. If I do so my membership will be terminated immediately with the loss of all my outstanding earnings.

4. I agree to open an Paypal account (or use the one I have) to receive my earned commissions. I can only withdraw if my earnings has a total of €50 or more. Costs made for the money transactions are according the policy of Paypal.

5. Spreading negative and/or false information about C.O.M. terminates my account immediately with the loss of all my earnings.

6. At the forum I abide by the rules set for the use of the forum. By not doing so I am aware I get warnings , possible ban from the forum (if I neglect the warning) with the result of a membership termination at the end.(if I am hardheaded)

7. As an independent business owner I follow the laws of my country and pay taxes accordingly.

8. I can cancel my membership at any time taking a 30 day money back guarantee in account.

Should I cancel my membership all of my hosting accounts will be canceled as well. Out of courtesy I am granted a 14 day grace period before my free webhosting is taken down (after my cancellation date) to allow me time to move my domains hosted at C.O.M. to another hosting provider if I wish.

9. I am aware that I am an independent business owner who has a partnership with C.O.M. and therefore never will act in any way as a representative of C.O.M..It is forbidden to use COMLife , C.O.M., circlesofonlinemarketers in any form for my domain name(s).

10. I am aware that the terms of use apply to this website and all other related content in ownership of C.O.M. can be changed at anytime but I will get a notice at least 14 days upfront.

Duty to Read

I accept that under this agreement, I have a duty to read this , and have done so. Furthermore, I understand and accept that I am precluded from using lack of reading as a defense against all remedies contained herein.


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2100 Deurne - Belgium


To Your Health,Wealth,Prosperity and Success,

The C.O.M – Team